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Careers with a future in an open, strong growth family company

Reasons in favor of Riegler.

There are many good reasons to work for an international, strong growth specialist, in a market with a promising future. There are many good reasons why it is particularly worthwhile to make a career in a family company that allows short decision paths, supports interdepartmental work in the team and has clearly put its employees in the center since its founding. There are many good reasons in favor of Riegler.

Open, honest communication

As a family managed company, we always prefer a personal discussion and honest speaking. Flat hierarchies promote unbureaucratic decision making and bring us to our objectives more quickly. This also includes that we prefer "doing" rather than beating about the bush.

Team play of the generations

We combine the experience, curiosity and innovation of our employees. It is precisely this combination and balance that make us unique in the market and the work at Riegler so varied.

Support and further training

We support you specifically in your development and your strengths. Based on regular orientation discussions and your personal future planning, we give you all opportunities to develop your potentials and achieve your long-term aspirations in our company.

Secure perspectives

Our core industry, medical technology, is one of the most innovative and most future-proof industries worldwide. At the same time, as member of the Wirthwein Group, we are firmly integrated in a family-managed, effective company network.

Low fluctuation

We focus on mutual continuity, respect and loyalty. With every appointment, we pursue the objective of retaining you for our company for the long-term. For this, we create the necessary general conditions, set individual incentives and provide a balanced work/life balance.

Flexible working times

We have adapted our working time model to your needs so that it is possible for you to combine family and career at any time. In the framework of a core hours / flextime company agreement, you can divide your working time flexibly and match to your current life situation.

  • Group-wide training concepts in the Wirthwein academy

Internal group training concepts in the Wirthwein academy.

From the middle of 2017, we are focusing on group-wide standards in qualification and development with the newly established Wirthwein Academy. Our employees are individually supported with a personally adapted training concept from a wide range of internal and external training courses. Thereby, the spectrum ranges from technology, personal and language further training to business subject areas. The current training need and the individual career path of each individual employee are always in the foreground.

  • Management development programs
  • Training in quality and lean management
  • Trainee programs

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