Injection molding diagnostics in the clean room

High-precision injection molding complete solutions for diagnostics and laboratory analytics.


The correct diagnosis saves lives. Our drive for an even more precise measurement result.

Ready for new applications and opportunities.

The diagnostics industry is always moving. New trends and developments such as point-of-care immediate diagnosis systems (quick tests), micro-structured surfaces, glass replacement or increasingly smaller disposables with high throughputs require clear quality orientation along the entire added value chain. This means for us as a system supplier to exceed the normative requirements of our customers with flexible manufacturing processes, high-cavity tools and innovative product concepts. The reliability and stability of the process are always the priority for all economic considerations.

Production conditions

  • Clean room ISO 7, DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Hygiene monitoring
  • Production with reduced ATP / RNA / DNA
  • Certified quality management according to DIN EN ISO 13485
  • GMP standard

Highest standardized quality and hygiene standards based on validated processes and a certified QM system.

Solutions and technology

Millions of units at constant high quality – not the only requirement for your disposable products and measuring systems.

Diagnostics complete solutions from the clean room

Based on consistent project and quality management, we process high quality disposable materials using the latest injection molding and assembly technologies. Multi-cavity tools with up to 96 cavities, 100% camera inspections, monitoring tests and highly automated assembly processes enable the production of high volumes with stable quality in a controlled clean room environment.

  • Development and design
  • Prototyping of demonstration and function samples
  • Toolmaking
  • Precision injection molding and extrusion blow molding
  • Semi-automatic and completely automated clean room assembly, 100 % camera monitoring
  • Sterilization and finishing services
  • Automated packaging and logistics

The complete range in the diagnostics applications field.

We have already brought numerous diagnostics applications to series production in more than 30 years of industry expertise. Disposable system and functional components that prove themselves millions of times daily in the patient environment or laboratory use.

Cassette systems

Pre-assembled primary packaging including closure systems


PCR Tubes & PCR Stripes

PCR applications also with integrated closure

PCR Diagnostik

Petri dishes

Container-cover system for the cultivation of microorganisms


Diagnostics systems for automated blood analysis

On behalf of a market-leading diagnostics company, we developed and are producing a completely pre-assembled, modularly designed diagnostics system consisting of containers in various capacities and the associated closures and holders. The containers with residual volume optimized bottoms are manufactured in an extrusion blow molding or injection molding process and clipped into injection molded holders. The system is pre-assembled in a completely automated joining process monitored by cameras and is filled and sealed afterwards by the customer itself. Particular challenges here were the compatibility with many different substances for analysis, the processing capability on new and existing completely automated blood analysis equipment, the safe transport (also in the case of vacuum in aircraft) and the tolerance for many different process parameters.

  • High volumes with completely automated cost-effective assembly, including laser welding and 100% camera inspection
  • Compatibility with old and new blood analysis systems
  • Residual volume optimized container bottoms
  • Reliable storage and transport characteristics (leak tightness, durability)
  • Material compatibility with substances for analysis
  • System solutions

PCR Tubes & PCR Stripes (PCR Diagnostics)

Riegler develops and produces customer-specific solutions for PCR diagnostics with particular requirements for the process stability, leak tightness and handling. In the present example, we were commissioned with the complete development, manufacture and assembly of a customer-specific PCR tube, with the objective of constant, cost-effective production, also for very high quantities.

We were already able to make decisive optimizations in relation to wall thickness distribution and cover functions in the product design and transfer these one to one to the tool concept. Special polypropylenes are processed in a highly automated injection molding process into media-resistant, low evaporation tubes that meet all function and purity requirements.

  • Constant production and process stability for high volumes
  • Constructive product design due to optimized wall thickness ratios with functionality realization at the same time
  • Easy opening and sealing with 100% leak tightness
  • Completely automated injection molding process, including development, design, toolmaking, injection molding and assembly
  • PCR diagnostics

Petri dishes (laboratory diagnostics)

We develop and produce different plastic petri dishes made of high quality, transparent polystyrene for the cultivation of microorganisms in laboratory diagnostics. Both form, size as well as customer-specific features and markings are specified by the customer in each case.

Thanks to their particularly high dimensional stability and tight tolerances at the same time, our petri dishes are particularly predestined for use in automated plate filling systems. As a further production special feature, so-called stack injection molding tools are used, i.e. petri dish bottom and cover are produced in one tool at the same time. The assembly and packaging are performed 100% automated using state-of-the-art high speed handling and automation systems.

  • Two-part system consisting of petri dish bottom and cover – optionally with or without ventilation cams and with different diameters
  • Highest quality requirements with regard to design, optics (transparency) and absence of particles, scratches and inclusions
  • Glass replacement by high quality plastics with outstanding optical characteristics
  • State-of-the-art stack injection molding tools with high-speed removal handling and automated packaging
  • Cost-effective product price and process stability due to automated production and packaging processes
  • Laboratory diagnostics
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