Medical technology precision injection molding

Precision injection molding systems and molded parts for medical technology.


Clean room quality without compromises as basis for innovative, reliable medical devices.

Head start from more than 30 years of medical clean room production.

The requirements for our medical plastic systems and assemblies are becoming increasingly more complex. Trends to increasingly smaller molded parts in use at the patient or to subjects on the materials side such as glass replacement with COC & COP plastics require an elementary understanding about the interactions with the application environment but also clear quality orientation of the entire added value chain.

Production conditions

  • Clean room ISO 7, DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • Risk management according to DIN EN ISO 14971
  • DIN EN ISO 13485

Highest standardized quality and hygiene standards based on validated processes and a certified QM system.

Solutions and technology

Highest requirements for process stability and media resistance – visible and functional parts for medical applications.

  • Clean room medical technology

The focus is clearly on quality and reliability.

As a full service supplier for plastic processing, we bundle all competences from the development, correct product and tool design to the clean room production, assembly and packaging. In doing so, we are able to integrate the manufacture of molded parts of currently 0.007 g to 800 g and provide you with a specification-compliant plastic solution for every medical area of application We increase the reliability in the process by keeping the process chain as short and as automated as possible and integrate our customers in the development process from the very start. 100% camera inspections, particle monitoring, GMP documentation and other tactile and dimensional tests ensure optimum reproducibility and stability – also for volumes of several million parts per year.

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Toolmaking
  • Precision injection molding
  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Manual, semi-automated and completely automated assembly
  • Sterilization
  • Customer-specific packaging and logistics solutions

Some selected reference projects from the medical area.

Our primary packaging, filter case and micro molded parts prove themselves every day in the many different medical application cases of ophthalmology, dialysis, injection and numerous individual system solutions.

Micro molded parts

Micro injection molding for medical technology

Medizintechnik Injektion

Tubes and flanges

Dialyzer basic components made of plastic

Medizintechnik Dialyse

Contact lens container

Primary packaging material and cleaning container for contact lenses

Medizintechnik Ophthalmologie

Micro molded parts made of thermoplastic materials

The particular challenge for the miniaturization consists of scaling functionality to smaller dimensions without compromises and in doing so guaranteeing a high level of patient safety and reliability at the same time. As specialist for clean room precision applications in medical technology, we develop and manufacture customer-specific injection molded micro molded parts with the tightest tolerances and high requirements for the process stability of our series production. Using design optimization, fill simulations, plastic-compliant tool design and special competence for the selection of the correct polymer material, we succeed in minimizing tolerances. At the same time, we meet the increasingly more complex functional requirements of our customers.

  • Cost-effective and high-precision injection molding molded parts for medical applications
  • Maximum stability and process reliability, also for high volumes for very small molded parts
  • Particular competence and experience in the design of micro molded parts
  • Consistently high level of automation in assembly and packaging
  • 100% camera inspection
  • Ophthalmology medical technology

Tubes and flanges for hemodialysis

We have been a development partner and supplier of a worldwide leading dialysis products company for many years. We manufactured the basic components from plastic for the dialyzer, the core of hemodialysis, on behalf of our customer. As the body weight has direct influence on the blood volume to be cleaned, the volumes of the dialyzers vary and at the same time also the diameters of the tubes and flanges.

The particular challenge here was compliance with the high quality requirements with regard to the functionality and purity of our components. All components are manufactured using injection molding on multiple series tools with a total of nine machines. Thereby, multi-axis robots and linear handling systems are used that take over the completely automated removal and packaging.

  • Highest requirements for quality, functionality and article purity in a highly sensitive application environment
  • Prevention of interactions between dialysis system and blood circulation
  • Processing of special, medically approved polypropylene plastic types and color batches
  • Consistently high level of automation in assembly and packaging
  • Dialysis medical technology

Multi-part container system for storage and cleaning of contact lenses

Based on an idea from our customer, we were commissioned with the design and implementation of a multi-part system for secure storage and cleaning of contact lenses. In accordance with all requested functional, purity and compatibility requirements, we took over the complete development, design, toolmaking, manufacture and component assembly in our in-house ISO 7 clean room.

Thanks to the correct material selection, the characteristics of the processed plastics are optimally matched to the application as primary packaging material. Special attention was paid here to the prevention of interactions of the contact lens holder with the cleaning liquid and the contact lens. Optional coloring of the storage trays make distinguishing the individual lenses easier for the contact lens wearer.

  • Customer-specific development and clean room production of the complete assembly
  • High quality and process stability with cost-effective product price at the same time
  • Prevention of interactions between system, lens and cleaning liquid thanks to appropriate material concept
  • Shortened prototype development time for even faster demonstration and functional samples
  • Consistently high level of automation
  • Ophthalmology medical technology
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