Pharmaceuticals injection molding in the clean room

Process-reliable pharmaceuticals injection molding and blow molding solutions from the ISO 7 clean room.


Maximum precision and purity can only be achieved by those who master material and technology.

We have known the core requirements of the pharmaceuticals industry as a system supplier since 1995.

The growing complexity but also the safe handling of drugs always impose higher functional and purity requirements on packaging material and device. Trends such as single-use products, glass replacement or patient compliance require individual system concepts.

Due to many years of experience as OEM in the pharmaceuticals market, we have all competences on-site to integrate the launch of your components, assemblies or systems. This know-how head start and the knowledge about the interactions of drug and packaging material in long-term contact make us a popular full service supplier in pharmaceuticals injection molding and extrusion blow molding.

Production conditions

  • Clean room ISO 7, DIN EN ISO 14644-1
  • ATP / RNA / DNA clean production
  • DIN EN ISO 13485

Highest standardized quality and hygiene standards based on validated processes and a certified QM system.

Solutions and technology

Packaging material, closures and devices in contact with sensitive active ingredients, 100% inspected and automated – precision products from the clean room.

  • Completely automated assembly processes

The best complete solution for your task.

We are a system supplier with industry experience and innovation strength and combine all development, mold making and manufacturing competences under one roof. A clear advantage, as we retain the control over the entire process internally, provide cross-process advice and already take necessary optimization measures in the tool design.

Using state-of-the-art injection molding and extrusion blow molding machines, we manufacture packaging and system solutions with the highest requirements for ease of use, precision and product service life. We support completely automated assembly processes with 100% camera inspections for optical and dimensional characteristics.

  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Toolmaking
  • Precision injection molding
  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Manual assembly
  • Completely automated assembly

Some selected reference projects from the pharmaceuticals area.

From the dosing system to the primary packaging material – particularly for active ingredients that are important for life and highly sensitive, increasingly more pharmaceuticals customers have confidence in Riegler know-how. Thereby, we have now developed an optimal plastic solution for every problem to date. 


Needle-free injection system



The quick test for detection of microorganisms

Schnelltest zur ATP-Messung

Dosing systems

Dosing systems for liquid, viscous or powder substances

Wirtschaftliche Dosiersysteme für höchste Usability


Bottles and bottle shape containers with and without thread

Kunststoffflaschen für Medikamente und sensible Wirkstoffe

Packaging material

Pharmaceutical primary packaging material and secondary packaging

Pharma Packmittel Spritzguss


Closures and caps

Pharma Verschlüsse

Needle-free injection system

An innovative needle-free injection system has been developed jointly with LTS Lohmann Therapie Systeme AG and initial functional systems manufactured. The project was implemented within a few months from the initial idea to the material selection, the construction of molds to the production of functional systems. Both the fear of patients of needles for the injection at the doctor as well as the millions of puncture injuries worldwide for doctors and in hospitals were the motivations for the implementation of this innovative project.

The end result is characterized by safe, precise and easy handling of the whole injection device. The injector (IIS 500 CS) has already been successfully tested on people with a monoclonal antibody in a clinical study. The needle-free injection of a monoclonal antibody was implemented for the first time worldwide with this clinical study. This new type of needle-free injection system should serve as platform in the future for customer-specific applications.  

  • A plastic-compatible mold design with a total of 8 individual parts from the initial idea 
  • Family molds as basis of quick and economic implementation in the pilot phase 
  • Use of COC as glass replacement for complex, thick walled component 
  • Matching of individual parts to functionality and compliance with specifications 
  • Customer-specific coloring of the individual parts 
  • All-in-one by Riegler – design, development, mold making, precision injection molding and assembly in clean room

Quick test for ATP measurement

The ATP detection pen is a highly effective instrument to check for the existence of microorganisms. We were commissioned with the complete revision of the device to make the existing quick test even more efficient, durable and precise.

Due to the unique arrangement of the sealing geometries of static and moving components, we were able to significantly increase the product service life. At the same time, the sensitivity of the test was improved by the specially designed ATP-free manufacturing environment. For both test variants – liquids and surfaces – we are manufacturing a total of eight plastic components in a completely automated manufacturing and assembly process on multi-cavity tools constructed in-house.

  • More efficient due to high level of automation, plastic-compliant tool design and glass replacement
  • Highest purity thanks to ATP-controlled production conditions and ISO 7 clean room production
  • Unique sealing geometry for an extended shelf life of more than two years after manufacture
  • All-in-one by Riegler – design, development, toolmaking, precision injection molding and assembly in clean room
  • Quick test for ATP measurement

Efficient dosing systems for maximum usability

We develop and manufacture customer-specific dosing systems, measuring spoons and measuring cups for substances in almost every physical state. Thereby, in addition to the application, the dosing accuracy, leak tightness or also the ease of use of the system are always in the foreground. Particularly for direct contact with sensitive drugs, we increasingly rely on medical grade plastics that have particularly high raw material purity and favorable permeation properties. Our special strength is the matched design of the components with regard to application, leak tightness and sliding and friction forces.

  • Maximum dosing accuracy and ease of use for the prevention of dosing errors
  • Cost-effective product prices due to highly automated ISO 7 clean room manufacture and packaging
  • Individual packaging and services such as coloring, printing, labeling, packaging
  • Solutions for appropriate and child safe use
  • 100% camera inspections
  • Efficient dosing systems for maximum usability

Plastic bottles for drugs and sensitive active ingredients

Optimal barrier characteristics, media resistance and the consistent implementation of the highest quality standards – as an experienced OEM, we are familiar with the requirements for our plastic bottles for this responsible market segment. In close consultation with our customers, we develop and manufacture bottles with or without thread, bottle-shaped primary packaging materials and of course the appropriate closure solution. Thereby, we are able to implement individual and cost-effective bottle concepts in an integrated way from the development to readiness for series production. Our special strength is the complete matching of bottle and closure system taking account of all necessary requirements such as design, leak tightness and sliding and friction forces.

  • Bottle capacities from 5 ml to 5 l
  • State-of-the-art extrusion blow molding systems with 100% camera controls and automated packaging
  • Various printing options: screen printing, pad printing or hot foil stamping
  • Other services: coloring, decorating, labeling, packing
  • All-in-One by Riegler
  • Plastic bottles for medicaments and sensitive active ingredients

Functional packaging material for maximum patient safety

With the development of new, higher priced and more sensitive drugs, the requirements for the packaging material are also increasing. In addition to the pure packaging task, our packaging materials fulfill a variety of functions relevant for safety such as barrier characteristics, light protection, exclusion of interactions or the simple, intuitive handling. Thereby, the health of the patient is in the foreground at all times. With the performance of Extractable & Leachable Tests, we can ensure that no harmful substances from the packaging material get into the drug. Already during the selection of the medical / FDA grade, we create the basis for a continuously high quality standard and orient ourselves in every production run to an error rate of 0 ppm.

  • Primary and secondary packaging materials
  • Highest patient safety and ease of use
  • Absence of external particles / foreign bodies and DNA/RNA due to controlled ISO 7 clean room production
  • Integrated test procedures: storage tests, fall tests, leak tests, tensile tests, optical function tests, extractable & leachable tests, 100% camera inspections
  • Individual services such as coloring, decoration, labeling
  • Pharmaceuticals injection molding packaging material

Secure closure systems made of plastic

Our caps and closures prove themselves every day for the transport and storage of drugs, powders and liquids. We solve virtually every requirement of our customers economically and with fast response: for example, the ease of movement of the system, leak tightness requirements or customer-specific materials with all required approvals. Also special applications such as closures with special pouring systems and ventilation openings are included in our areas of competence. As a system supplier, you receive from us a completely in-house manufactured and tested quality product that does not leak for the entire service life.

  • Customer-specific thread systems
  • Cost-effective product price thanks to automated clean room production and packaging
  • Services: coloring, decorating, labeling
  • Special applications: immersion oil closures, rocker closures, screw caps with multiple inner threads, closures with other functional elements, 2-component caps with screw thread and insert, originality closure with circlip, childproof closures
  • Pharmaceuticals closures
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